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Cummins offers a wide variety of software, mobile applications, and digital hardware to help you get the most out of your Cummins-powered equipment.?If you currently use one of these digital products and/or services, this page provides access to valuable resources and support.

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All users must upgrade their Microsoft Windows Operating System to version 8.1 or newer, as Windows 7 is no longer supported after 20-Dec-2020.?
All users using Microsoft Windows 8.1 or newer also must upgrade their Cummins Inc. Update Manager client to version 7.3 or later before 20-Dec-2020 to be able to continue to receive updates via Update Manager.

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Software Licensing

Some Cummins software and mobile applications – including INSITE?, Guidanz?, PowerSpec and QuickCheck – require unique software licenses for use. Licenses are available through a Cummins-authorized distributor or dealer. Please provide us a few details to find your local representative.

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