Cummins. Always On.

For Your Always On World

No one has more experience converting energy into power, shaping big ideas into real solutions or transforming your ambitions into triumphs.

Every day, you can rely on Cummins to keep your world Always On.

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Powering a World that's Always On


For a world that's Always On

We live in a world that never stops. For 100 years, Cummins technology has powered success around the world and around the clock. On the road, on the water, at the jobsite and in your home, Cummins delivers on a proven track record for reliability and durability.


For a world that's Always On

From clean diesel and zero-emissions natural gas engines, to electric, hybrid and alternative fuel powertrain technologies, Cummins offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products to fit your unique needs. Count on Cummins for maximum efficiency, performance and ingenuity.


For a world that's Always On

No matter where, no matter when, no matter how you need us, Cummins supports you with an unparalleled global service network featuring nearly 8,000 dealer locations in more than 190 countries. And you can always call our customer service team at 1-800-CUMMINS.


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