New Power

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies

The energy shift is under way and hydrogen has a leading role to play. Learn more about how Cummins is putting hydrogen in the spotlight.

Technology Podcast & Webinars

Brightest Bulbs

Learn about the latest innovations in energy and power or find out what is in the works to build a sustainable energy future. Check out Brightest Bulbs, our technology podcast and webinars.

Our response to Covid-19

Supporting our employees and customers

Cummins continues to take actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and communities while continuing to serve our customers.

Digital Master Controls

Your access to total power system control

With smart, scalable and user-friendly technology, Cummins PowerCommand? Digital Master Controls take the complexity out of power system control by offering a suite of stable, reliable and flexible controls for any application, anywhere.

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